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Le vie del gusto

Riding our bikes, the journey begins with a legs’ strech towards Agnano, heading to the crater of the extinct large caldera. The area, though not very well known, is rich in history and in geological formations: Roman baths are carved into Mount Spina’ sides, the volcanic nature of the terrain is behind the formation of several lakes and their channels together with a proper thermal park. Down towards the sea, passing through the village of Bagnoli, lies an ancient and interesting working-class district of the city. Nested in the area is the former “Italsider” steel plant with its remains of industrial archeology. Next stop is Coroglio North Jetty, where bikes can be parked in to dedicated racks. A walk by the sea on one of the hottest spots for citizens and tourists is the ideal mid-ride break. Unforgettable is the sensation of touching the nearby tiny island of Nisida and having the impressive bulk of Ischia island in the same picture. More details about the history of the area and the undergoing redevelopment projects are provided by your guide. The journey continues to the City of Science, the largest example of industrial restructuring in south Europe, and eventually ends up at the Roman Baths in Via Terracina. On the way back to Bagnoli square, a tour extension can lead to the beautiful town of Puteoli.





16 Km


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