Project Description

Bike, craters and SPA

The journey kicks off heading towards the tiny island of Nisida on a nice and relaxing ride which then will bring us to the village of Bagnoli and further east until we reach the heart of the Campi Flegrei area that is the small town of Pozzuoli. First stop at the Fish Market and then we will move to the Temple of Serapis, known to be the “thermometer” of the volcanic phenomenon of bradyseism (gradual uplift or descent of part of the Earth’s surface caused by the filling or emptying of an underground magma chamber)..

From the center of Pozzuoli to the mysterious and fascinating Lago D’Averno is just a trow of a stone. The circumnavigation of the lake, part of the Park of Campi Flegrei, is an easy ride by bike and allows participants to see the remains of the Temple of Apollo romantically sourrounded by a lush nature . Here we will stop for a nice refreshing break at the historical family-run vineyard “Mirabella”, right on the lake shore for a lunch (optional) in the cosy Slow Food Presidium, right to try the simple kitchen that follows the tenets of the Slow Food movement, using the local organic products in a fantastic way!

To stretch and help digestion after lunch, we will trek into the vineyard up to the summit of Monte Nuovo, a “new” crater born on 16th century that host some fumaroles to could be visited. Later on we will take our bikes for the way back riding along the promenade of Pozzuoli and finally we will stop at the North Jetty in via Coroglio, near Piazza Bagnoli, to enjoy the view “from the sea” of Campi Flegrei. Unforgettable is the sensation of touching the nearby tiny island of Nisida and having the impressive bulk of Ischia island in the same picture. More details about the history of the area and the undergoing redevelopment projects are provided by expert guides.






10 Km

(14 km to Pozzuoli)


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