Randonée di Napoli – 13 MARZO 2022

Two bicycle touring routes of 100 and 200 km, for the third Naples Randonnée, a leg of the ARI national calendar, Rando Tour Campania and Rando Tour Magna Grecia. In fact, it will start from the Mostra d’Oltremare, moved by the motto of the randonnéeurs “Neither strong nor slow but far” crossing several municipalities of the Metropolitan City of Naples, the Vesuvius National Park, the regional park that of the Campi Flegrei with its four lakes plus Lake Patria on the Domitio coast and of course Naples also covering part of what will be the route of the Giro d’Italia 2022.

Vesuvius will be the protagonist allowing cyclists to admire our bay from different and unusual perspectives. In the route, the relationship with the sea will be a constant, from the Naples waterfront to the Pozzuoli waterfront with the feeling of touching the islands of the Gulf, the coastline, but above all just a few miles from Procida, the Italian Capital of Culture.

This third edition of the Rando, March 13, 2022, will be dedicated to cycling champion Michele Scarponi; in fact, with the Foundation dedicated to him, work is being done on road safety issues for cyclists, pedestrians and the weak.
**** USEFUL INFO ***
The term “Randonnée” comes from the French language and means walk/hike, so these are unranked trials over very long distances, but within the reach of everyone or almost everyone with a list of finisseurs in the maximum time given for each event.
The Naples Randonnée is a long, unranked ride over objectively long distances, but with plenty of time to do it at your own pace.
The Randonnée will be part of the BRM/ARI 200 km circuit, in this case it will be part of the Road Ari 2022 National Championship, Rando Tour Campano and Rando Tour Magna Grecia for the year 2022. The patent will also be valid step for the achievement of the new Ari 2023/2026 national jersey as well as valid step for pre-qualification to the Paris Brest Paris 2023.

These will start from January 13, 2022 and end on March 10, 2022.
Info on the event registration fee and services offered consistent with Covid19 emergency arrangements will be forthcoming.

Minimum requirements for registration are membership in any Coni-affiliated Sports Promotion Body (EPS) for the 2022 sports season. Copy of medical certificate and signed waiver are MANDATORY to be submitted at registration via email.

“Neither loud nor slow but far.”