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1 hr
6 euro
15 euro
15 euro
up to 3 hr
15 euro
22 euro
22 euro
4 to 24 hours
22 euro
35 euro
40 euro
2 days
35 euro
55 euro
70 euro
3 days
45 euro
75 euro
90 euro
4 days
55 euro
90 euro
110 euro
5 days
65 euro
110 euro
135 euro
6 days
75 euro
135 euro
155 euro
7 days
85 euro
150 euro
190 euro

Child seat: 5€/day – Helmet 1€/day – Lock and puncture repair kit included- Other accessories: to be quoted
Long rent: Over 7 days 25% off on the daily fare Groups: For groups of 8+ people customized price.
A valid ID deposit required for the rental contract (18y+)
Cash/card deposit required: standard bike € 100, e-bike, gravel or race bike €. 200
Luggage storage €. 6/da




  • IDEAL FOR THE DAILY. Equipped with a rear rack, the elegant Noble Igh will accompany you on your days out on the town, shopping and running errands.
  • What is most striking about this Multicycle city bike is undoubtedly its classic yet sinuous styling and its ultra-low overhang. The perfect finish without any visible welding and the pearl colour of the frame also contribute to giving this bike an even cleaner and more elegant look.
  • LIGHT AND STRONG. The Noble Igh’s aluminium frame composition makes it both light in weight yet strong and durable.
  • In terms of components, the two main features of this Multicycle city bike are the hub gears, which require very little maintenance compared to traditional chain gears, and the disc brakes, a guarantee of safety and control of the bike even in adverse weather conditions.

Data Sheet Multicycle Noble Igh City E-bike

The Noble Igh bike from Multicycle is the right choice for urban cyclists looking for the perfect balance between elegance and performance, without sacrificing safety and comfort. In fact, this is a bike that is not only elegant in style, but also performs well, thanks to its lightweight and durable aluminum frame, and the presence of disc braking system, which makes it responsive and reliable in any situation.

Usable for City
Weight 19.8 kg
Type of Bike
Tyre Vredestein Dynamic Tour 40-622
Gearbox Shimano Nexus 8
Brakes Shimano MT200 hydraulic disk brakes

BAD BIKE Evo 250


The BAD BIKE EVO 250 is a city ebike produced by the famous BAD BIKE brand.
The generous footprint of the 2.3″ wheels allows the bike to be ridden safely and comfortably even on rough city cobblestones and is also an excellent compromise for mixed routes

It is equipped with TEKTRO disc brakes both front and rear and the motor is an 8 FUN SWX02 36V 250W mounted on the rear hub.

The semi-integrated battery is a 36V/13Ah Li-Po (lithium polymer), with Samsung cells certified for 800 charging cycles.

From the display mounted on the handlebar it is possible to control the switching on of the lights, select the 5 assistance levels of the motor and there is also a ‘soft start‘ control, which is particularly useful for uphill starts or to accompany the bike in crowded pedestrian areas.

The bike is equipped with excellent components that are rarely found on models in this category



  • HYBRID AXIS. This Dema bike model is halfway between a road bike and a mountain bike, so it is ideal for confidently tackling both light off-piste and road conditions.
  • COMFORT AND PRACTICALITY.Designed for long crossings with heavy loads, the Arosa 1 has a comfortable seat, relatively low weight and an ergonomic handlebar and frame geometry.
  • The flat handlebars as on MTBs, together with the choice of 12-28 gears, contribute to the agility and performance of this Dema bike.

Data Sheet Bike Touring Dema Arosa 1

Ideal for long rides, city and touring, the Dema Arosa 1 bike is a concentration of technologies and features designed to bring maximum comfort and multifunctionality. In fact, it is a model that takes the best of road bikes and mtb bikes in order to create a hybrid bike that is agile and versatile on different types of terrain.

Usable for City / Travel / Trekking
Weight 16.5 kg
Type of Bike
Gearbox Shimano TY200 7 speed
Fork SR Suntour CR7-V P 700C
Excursion front/rear (mm) 40mm
Brakes Extend V-Brake Alloy
Box Shimano HG200 7 speed 12-28



  • 26-inch wheels -The bike is characterised by a wider wheelbase, which is ensured by the width of the wheels reaching 26 inches in diameter.
  • 4 assistance levels The motor mounted on the E-run Lady offers up to 4 assistance levels that can be modulated according to the different speed requirements of the cyclist. It should be noted that since this is an electric bicycle for urban or extra-urban routes only, and in any case on the road, it only has a speed sensor and therefore does not have the power sensor that is provided on sportier electric bicycles.
  • Rear luggage rack – Very convenient, whether for small shopping trips or for bulky clothing, is the luggage rack on the rear side equipped with comfortable elastomers with which to hold your load.
  • Shimano Tourney TZ50 rear derailleur – Atala, as on its higher-end models, also offers the performance of Shimano technology on the E run lady, which is present with both the Tourney TZ50 rear derailleur and the Revo Shift handlebar controls, also signed by Shimano. The aluminium brakes are a further element enhancing the safety of this electric bike.
  • LED display – It is equipped with a convenient LED display to monitor on/off, LED lights and power.
  • Removable lithium battery – The autonomy of the lithium battery is guaranteed up to a good 60 km, which, as mentioned, makes this Atala model also ideal for longer journeys and why not for first approaches to the cycling experience. Charging times, of course, go up and require at least eight hours. Thanks to the battery’s extractability, you can recharge it even without a bicycle, which will prove particularly convenient during the night or while you are at work. Its structure also allows the addition of a special saddle for transporting a child or a basket for transporting small animals.
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