BAD BIKE Evo 250

BAD BIKE Evo 250


The BAD BIKE EVO 250 is a city ebike produced by the famous BAD BIKE brand.
The generous footprint of the 2.3″ wheels allows the bike to be ridden safely and comfortably even on rough city cobblestones and is also an excellent compromise for mixed routes

It is equipped with TEKTRO disc brakes both front and rear and the motor is an 8 FUN SWX02 36V 250W mounted on the rear hub.

The semi-integrated battery is a 36V/13Ah Li-Po (lithium polymer), with Samsung cells certified for 800 charging cycles.

From the display mounted on the handlebar it is possible to control the switching on of the lights, select the 5 assistance levels of the motor and there is also a ‘soft start‘ control, which is particularly useful for uphill starts or to accompany the bike in crowded pedestrian areas.

The bike is equipped with excellent components that are rarely found on models in this category