Waterways to Miseno

The lakes, the ancient cisterns and the sea side path, together with different types of archaeological remains, characterize the slow journey to Misenum.

During our first stop we will discover the Temple of Serapis, known to be the “thermometer” of the volcanic phenomenon of bradyseism (gradual uplift or descent of part of the Earth’s surface caused by the filling or emptying of an underground magma chamber).

From the center of Pozzuoli to the mysterious and fascinating Lago D’Averno is just a throw of a stone.

The circumnavigation of the lake, part of the Park of Campi Flegrei, is an easy ride by bike and allows participants to see the ruins of the so-called “Temple of Apollo” (a huge Roman spa) romantically surrounded by a lush nature.

Ducks, cormorants, geese and other inhabitants of the lake greet cyclists heading towards the next water spot.

The beautiful landscape helps take on the short climbs ahead, before slowly descending to Lake Fusaro, whose waters host the elegant Vanvitelliana Lodge renowned for being Pinocchio’s tale tv setting . The ride continues to Misenum, after crossing the historical center of Chapel, in the municipality of Bacoli.

Later we will circumnavigate the lake and then up to the Piscina Mirabilis, the largest cistern ever built by the Romans, charming visitors with its high arches and a play of light and color.

Optional return trip by Cumana railway (tickets not included).


6 - 7 hr

(sightseeing stops included)


52 km



(medium with e-bike)