LA VULCANICA, Neapolitan Cyclostorica -April 10, 2022

If you say cockamamie, you say Naples. A version of coso, an emergency appellation for any object or person whose name you cannot remember or whose exact name you do not know at all, more truthful, more colorful, probably even with an offensive streak, at least originally. The term, however, means porphyry cubes for paving […]

Randonée di Napoli – 13 MARZO 2022

Two bicycle touring routes of 100 and 200 km, for the third Naples Randonnée, a leg of the ARI national calendar, Rando Tour Campania and Rando Tour Magna Grecia. In fact, it will start from the Mostra d’Oltremare, moved by the motto of the randonnéeurs “Neither strong nor slow but far” crossing several municipalities of […]